.Next conference : the Nutanix’s evolution

From the 8 to 10 of November I partecipated to nextconf EMEA, the european event where nutanix presented the news about about their products but primarily the evolution of their vision passing from a single product to a full ecosystem of virtualization able to respond globally to requests and to needs of the market.

It then passes into the Nutanix vision by HCI to an Enterprise Cloud Operating System, a system able to offer over the standard virtualization, the functionality of hybrid cloud, analitycs,network virtualization and security as well as containers ad devops. With only one simple mantra: the easy of use. Read the rest of this entry »

VMworld 2016 – my experience

I decided to write my first post in english about my experience in the VMworld 2016. It’s the first one, so don’t be bad with me 🙂

This year,I partecipated to my second VMworld, the first as  leader of italian VMUG.

Like VMUG leader,I lived a really different event from the one of the last year,where I ran all time to follow a great number of sessions.

This year I lived more the part of sharing and networking,with a lot of interaction with people from all parts of Europe. The highest level of this interaction, was the  leader lunch’s, where I met the leader of the other VMUG, sharing with them ideas and opinions about the growth of the community. Another really important moment for me it was my partecipation to vbromwbag tech talk as vExpert, with Scott Lowe. You can find the registration here

Other moments to meeting and sharing experience,were the parties, especially the VMUG and the vExpert. Meet other people from every part of the world,with great experience and different points of view, is the only mode to grow.

From the technical view, we had two great news:

  • The deal with Amazon to put VMware on AWS plataform
  • The announcement of the new version of vSphere, the 6.5

The first one was a really big surprise, because everyone consider Amazon the most competitor of VMware in public cloud sector, that tried without result, to compete with them with vCloud Air platform. This deal offer a great opportunity for the customers, that will benefit of both of platforms. You can find the VMware’s vision about the deal here.

The announcement of the new version of vSphere was prevedible, for mostly of us that partecipated to beta testing,and came with a lot of new features, expecially the new migration tool, from vCenter 5.5 on windows installation to a VCSA 6.5, that can be put on HA. Furthermore there is the possibility to encript the VMs, there are new features for DRS and HA, the version 2.0 of Virtual Volumes, and the version 6.5 of SRM. As soon as I will install  6.5 in my lab, I will give my opinion on them. Meantime you can find a summary of new features and a lot of links,in the Eric Siebert blog vsphere-land

Recapping, I return from Barcelona with a great enhancement in the technical side,a new large horizon in front of me and an extraordinary human experience with all my friends of italian VMUG

Now looking forward to .Next in Vienna to see the news from Nutanix, and then the italian UserConf in Milan, the 15 of november. You can find all information and the link for registration here

I hope to see you all there!