The continuous path of change

Almost two years ago I finished my experience in the Ministry of Justice and started a new one, far from home, in Padua, in an important company like Infocert. They were two important years, with ups and downs, but they gave me a lot from the human and professional point of view. In the summer I asked Infocert for the possibility of using a form of work that was not very common in Italy, but already present in the company, that of teleworking. A request born of my need to go home and not feel more divided between 2 different lives.

Infocert responded positively to my request, to my great pleasure, because the professional experience of these two years has been very positive for me. He also asked me to move to another team, the one that deals with automation. This was also a positive news for me, because this team deals with many emerging technologies and is very close to the part of development, the true core business of the company.

All this therefore involves two major challenges for me: the first, that of having to organize and manage myself, without a defined workplace, something that never happened in over 20 years of professional life. The second, that of having to confront myself with a world that is foreign to me up until now, with the need to start putting my head back on books and learn many new things.

A new double reality that throws me out of my comfort zone, and that therefore gives that adrenaline mixed with fear … will I be able to be flexible enough and to question myself? To have the humility to become a student again, instead of an expert, what had I become by now?

I don’t know, it’s not possible to foresee these things. But I know that I am happy with these changes, to return to my beloved Naples, to get back into the game and question.

Continuous evolution, the road to change is in my opinion the only way to stay active and not get lost in the monotony of everyday life. Make me a big good luck, I need it!

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