.NEXTconf 2018 – the age of maturity for Nutanix

Risultati immagini per .NextAt the end of November, from the 27th to the 29th, I took part in the third edition of the European .NEXTconf, the event organized by Nutanix in Europe to present its products and innovations.

Who like me has participated in all editions of .NEXTconf, has certainly seen the growth and evolution of the event, directly linked to the growth and evolution of Nutanix, passed from a company specialized in hyperconvergent infrastructure to a real enterprise cloud company with an extensive ecosystem of third-party products capable of effectively supporting hybrid solutions

In London, Nutanix presented the GA as the new suite of XI products, which make up the cloud-oriented offer and some other interesting
products, such as ERA, which gives the possibility to automate the creation of different types of databases, also in cluster version.

The Nutanix product offer was then reshaped as follows:

Nutanix Core

Nutenix Essential

Nutanix Enterprise

AOS Calm Volumes XI IOT
Prism PrismPro ERA XI Leap
AHV Flow Bucket XI Epoch
Files Karbon XI Frame
XI Beam

The most interesting element for the on premise offer is definitely ERA, which allows the entire automation in the creation of servers and instances of four of the best known databases, Oracle, Postgres, MariaDB and SQLServer.

Also in this field, notoriously difficult to automate, Nutanix manages to bring back its philosophy of one click, with a simple product to use but very complete and versatile, which manages to cover the standard activities in deploying a database.

But it is especially the XI suite that brings great innovations and embodies the hybrid cloud concept that Nutanix has developed over the past two years, and that was little more than an idea at the first convention in Vienna.

Leap, Beam and Epoch are strictly linked to the cloud, the first one realizes the DRaaS while the other two are for the government and the management of the instances in the cloud.

XI IOT and FRAME represent the opening to the edge world, respectively for the virtualized desktop part and the Internet of things.

Karbon instead is the Nutanix solution for container creation and management, based on the kubernetes suite.

An event so full of announcements that marks the full maturity of a company that after practically inventing the hyperconvergence market, faces the hybrid cloud era in a strong and decisive way.

We’ll see if the products designed for the cloud, will be able to repeat the same successes of those made so far by those for hyperconvergence. There are all the premises for a successful outcome!

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