VMworld 2018 – my considerations

This year I participated for the fourth time at the European edition of VMworlRisultati immagini per vmworld 2018 europed, the event organized by VMware to present its products and innovations, very useful also to understand the market trend and the evolution of new technologies.

Another great opportunity offered by this event is the networking, given the great number of companies present at the booths and the many participants from all over Europe.

This year the event was quite a novelty park, even though it outlined two fundamental guidelines for the coming months: security and the hybrid cloud.

Regarding security, VMware has released a new and specific edition, vSphere Platinum, specifically designed for security issues, which in addition to implementing specific elements of infrastructure protection, natively integrates a product designed specifically for applications, APP Defense.

For the hybrid cloud, in addition to presenting further integrations with AWS, such as the one with Site Recovery Manager, much emphasis has been given to the collaboration with IBM, back from the recent acquisition of Red Hat.

IBM is increasingly committed to creating a global architecture on all continents, capable of supporting diverse and critical workloads, making hybrid cloud possible for every type of VMware-based workload.

Another event has attracted everyone’s attention, the acquisition by VMware of Heptio, a startup founded by two creators of Kubernetes, which shows how the containers are considered the future also by the company that gave birth to virtualization.

As for my personal experience I found this VMworld full of interesting sessions and always with great possibilities for networking. Then the opportunity to see many friends and discuss new technologies at 360 degrees is a pleasure that is repeated every year.

This year the European edition of VMworld has been moved to November to remove it from the American one, but never like this year there have not been great differences from the US edition, so much to think about the usefulness of having two equal events , diversified only by geographical location. The VMworld 2019 is already expected in Barcelona for the first week of November, and perhaps we will definitely understand if we are facing a real event, or the faded photocopy of what is held on the other side of the ocean.

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