VMworld 2017 – part 2 – VMUG and networking

In this second post on VMworld 2017 I want talk you about my networking activity and my activity as leader of italian VMUG.

VMworld has always been the best mode to know people and meet the best virtualization and connected technologies experts. It’s the part that I like more and the one that I consider the most important, because, also if those interesting , the sessions are all registered and you can see them with calm, you can do the labs at home and find the gadgets in every event.

The chance to know the experiences of people coming from worldwide, meet the experts in the various branches of virtualization and VMware products, is priceless. You can find yourself talking about hyper converged systems and cloud with the more sector experts while you are taking a coffee or eating a sandwich. Wander in the stands of the Solution Exchange and see the last innovations of most important brands, o stopping to follow a workshop of VMware labs can result a really interesting experience. The better meeting place, especially for bloggers, it’s the VMTN community lounge, this year really well organized. Vmware has invested a lot this year on the reordering and relaunching of the world of virtualization bloggers with the appointment of a new manager of the blogger program, Elsa Mayer, and the creation of container “blog BEAT”, to which I joined with enthusiasm.

Another fundamental moment of Barcelona’s days was the leaders lunch,where I had the opportunity to meet the leaders of the others VMUG and exchange impressions and ideas on how to bring forward to the best the community. In this occasion the italian VMUG was been rewards with the “VMUG extra mile” award, proof of the great activity done on italian territory and for the community. I’m really proud of this prize and I believe that all member of italian board really deserve it.

As italian VMUG we had register a session for the vBrownBag with our impressions on the VMworld 2017. It’s in italian and you can find it here, good vision!

Last point, the famous parties. This year I participated with pleasure both at VMUG party than the vExpert one, that I found really simple and excellent to have two chats with calm. The parties of vendor on the contrary,trend to be more chaotic and naturally more commercial. This year I participated at the Nutanix/Rubrik, Cohesity e VEEAM parties, all really beautiful and really good made. A particular thanksgiving to Cohesity for his nice gift to the vExperts, repeating that made the past year.

At the next posts for the analysis of the starting of collaboration of VMware with AWS, in which I will try to analyze in the specific the characteristics of this new product.


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