VMworld 2017 – part 1 – Global event and general impression

This year too I had the pleasure to participate at the VMworld in his european date.

This year over to follow the general sessions and meet a lot of people,I followed the breakout sessions regarding the start of VMware cloud services on AWS platform.

Usually the VMworld it’s the moment of the VMware great announcements and , for its time collocation,it’s often the most rich ones of news. Two years ago there was the announcement of the acquisition from Dell,while the past year that of the partnership with AWS.

This year both the US edition that the European gave limited news returning the impression that VMware want transmit the sensation to be a mature company,to whom to entrust the entire IT  of company.

We go to specific analyze the general sessions:

Day 1:

As usual is the day of the Pat’s keynote and of the new products announcements.

In reiterating the VMware vision,ever more pivoted on the fruibility of the applications,from every device on every platform, the new products refer to the security side and the analisy of data. In the specific the new presented products are:

  •   App Defense
  •   Wavefront
  •   HCX

App Defense is a SaaS solution hosted by AWS and managed by VMware that identify and provide to the security of the applications,through three principal steps:

  1. Automatic identification of the baseline utilization of the app
  2. Automatic revelation of different utilization from the baseline
  3. Automatics interventions to restore the correct operation of the app

App defense it’s a fundamentals part of the “cyber hygiene” that VMware want implement in all managed environments

Wavefront represent another element of this vision, a further SaaS solution that analyze and monitor the systems, with the possibility to create “smart alarms” able to warn the administrators of eventual undesiderable utilizations of the system.

The third product represent the opening of VMware to the cloud,especially the hybrid one.

HCX it’s a product that interconnect an on-premise vSphere based infrastructure with a public cloud infrastructure, providing a secure interconnection and giving the possibility to do “zero downtime” migration. Actually available only for IBM and OVH cloud,this technology great simplify the necessary activities to extend the on-premise datacenter on the public cloud, giving a new tool with great potentials,able to enormous increment the adoption of hybrid cloud solutions.

Really nice at the end the demonstration,did by Pat Gilsberg in person,of the simplicity of managing of an hybrid infrastructure through a virtual reality interface writed by Alan Renouf,present on the stage to assist Pat.

Day 2

Has been the day of the Elastic SKY Pizza sit-com.

Through the story of this ramshackle company of pizzas delivery, VMware want demonstrate to be a complete partner,to whom to entrusted all level of modernization and managing of the IT, putting on the field all products of its portfolio, from the realize of the infrastructure at the managing of the single app.

To be honest the sitcom was not so nice,but it’s functional to the goals that VMware want reach, though to be honest from a keynote of a company of this level, I expected much more.

Very right the decision to enlarge the location that become more fruibili and airy, the spaces more large has give more possibility to stop and do networking.

Also well organized the “Solution Exchange” and the lunch areas.I see that the organization in Barcelona is now more than familiar.

Absolutely wrong instead the choice date,too near the holidays and in the middle of the celebration of catalan national holyday. Lucky next year will be back to a more adequate period.

Substantially in the complex the event has respected the standards, also if there wasn’t a lot of news and the event was too close to the american one, so that it’s really to similar to an european extension.

Regarding the VMUG and the networking side,and a more extensive analysis of collaboration with AWS, i remain you to the next posts.

See you soon!

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